kelehickey / textile arts This is a sampling of the art created by Kelehickey. Custom work and a more in-depth portfolio can be accessed by contacting the artist directly at [email protected]

‘reGreta’ 2021 kelehickey 22”x15” textile waste, metal nails, reclaimed plywood, aerosol paint

‘A Yard of Raised Beds’ 2022 kelehickey 36” x 31” textile waste, vintage yard stick

‘This is 40’ 2021 kelehickey 13” x 12” Mixed textiles, plywood, nails, metal screen, aerosol paint


‘AM’ 2021 kelehickey 16.5” x 15.5” Mixed textiles, plywood, aerosol paint

‘all purpose floWEr’ 2020 kelehickey 11”x11” mixed textile reclaimed maple frame

‘The Mourning Came’ Mental Wholeness Series 2019 kelehickey 12.5”x16.5” Cotton canvas, embroidery

‘I remember’ Mental Wholeness Series 2019 kelehickey 14.5”x12” Cotton canvas, embroidery

Pop-Art floral pattern in color ‘tangerine’ demands a dress style that allows the print to be showcased. A deep v-neck line with a high waist leads in to a tea length column skirt. A swoop of ‘silk-like’ lining reaches up from the hem and sinches at the hip with a faux tie.

2018 kelehickey Vintage Sheet, fabric waste polyester curtain lining,nylon zipper

2019 kelehickey Vintage Tablecloth, recycled canvas, machine embroidery, thrift store linen, vintage bedsheet lining.

Picnic Skirt & Summer Wrap Top. Handkerchief styling reflects the carefree styling of this vintage print tablecloth skirt paired with recycled canvas wrap strap top.

2019 kelehickey Thrifted & gifted vintage polyester fabric & vintage buttons

‘Pool Patio Dress’ Polyester crepe, empire waist, tea length dress in neon floral and battleship grey only a slightly smoother hand than those concrete patios of the past. Fitted bodice is secured with a long row of vintage assorted buttons and loops trailing down the back.

‘UnWrestled’ Mental Matters Series 2017 kelehickey Pillow case, cotton fill, appliqué,embroidery& wire cage

Fighting the thoughts that go unanswered when the day is done but the work is not.

Thumbnail samples Mental Matters series 2017-18 kelehickey Textile, appliqué, embroidery and found objects

‘Bloody Hell’ Mental Matters series 2017 kelehickey T-shirt fabric, cotton, hanger, embroidery, appliqué